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commitment to our sponsors

kids in buena vista
kids in buena vista


We are so grateful that God would lead you to support us.  As our partners in ministry, we commit to you the following:

1. to those who donate towards our family needs:  we commit to be prayerful stewards. we live a simple lifestyle, and take your donating towards our calling very seriously.
2. contributions above and beyond our family's monthly budget will be used to impact the needs of the ministry - including the boys academy, feeding center, medical clinic, and many additional projects.
2. all contributions will be kept 100% confidential.
3. all contributions are tax deductible - you will receive a year-end statement from deepstream ministries.
4. all contributions will be prayed over, and used as the Holy Spirit leads.
5. all contributors will be added to our regular newsletters, and may request a copy of our financial statements and/or status at anytime
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