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Johnson Family

We are Brock & Kerrie, Madi Spires (married to Todd), Brooke Rolfe (married to Matt, with son James), Jake (20), and Luciana Andrea (8).


In 2008, God called us to Guatemala to help those whose needs are far greater than our own. Our eyes were opened to true poverty, suffering children, and desperate need - which has changed us to the core.


We lived in Guatemala for 10 amazing years.  Arriving without a sending organization or even a "ministry plan", we simply focused on abiding in Christ, and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.  He eventually led us to long-term discipleship ministry to boys and young men. We trust that God will use these future leaders to transform their neighborhoods and win entire communities to Christ.


Since then we have planted an additional Academy in Honduras and we are now serving in West Africa, working on another Academy plant.  You can read more at www.bvsaRhinos.com.