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We (Brock & Kerrie) are proud parents of 4 and grandparents of 3.  Our children are Madi Spires (married to Todd, with daughters Emerson and Ella), Brooke Rolfe (married to Matt, with son James), Jake (married to Hannah), and Luciana Andrea (11 years old).


In the years leading up to 2008, God began opening our eyes to the screaming narrative of the Great Commission throughout his Word, from Genesis to Revelation.  So much more than a "church program", the underlining story throughout the Scriptures is that the glory of God is to be made known to all people, in all nations.


From the beginning, the Lord has blessed his people, that they may bless all nations! This is made clearest by the risen Jesus Christ, our Savior and King who conquered death, commanding his followers to go to the ends of the earth, proclaiming the gospel and making disciples.  


God will be known and worshipped in every people group, and then return in power and glory.


In 2008, we landed in Guatemala.  We were overwhelmed with the physical AND spiritual need.  Our eyes were opened to extreme poverty, suffering children, abusive homes, absent fathers, and a corrupted version of Christianity.  What we experienced changed us to the core.


Arriving without a sending organization or even a "ministry plan", we simply focused on abiding in Christ, and following as the Lord leads.  We became part of a village community.  We worked alongside, grieved alongside, suffered alongside, and celebrated alongside.  The memories of community projects, shared meals, weddings, birthdays, funerals, tragedies, preaching, teaching, and discipling... are literally endless.  These are cherished memories we will never forget.


We started the Buena Vista Sports Academy (BVSA), which uses soccer as a means to share the gospel, teach the Bible, and disciple those the Lord saves.  Through soccer, we are able to get into difficult places around the world.  Learn more at BvsaRhinos.com.



The number of graduates from our Academies that want to be pastors and missionaries led us to where we are today.  Planting another Academy in the region of Quiché Guatemala, this site will include a Bible Institute devoted to offering Biblical studies, the training of pastors and missionaries, and church planting.  


You can read more about the Quiche Project and Bible Institute at www.quicheproject.com.