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Clinica deepStream Guatemala

With the support of some special people, we built and give ongoing support to a local doctor and clinic that serves the communities of Buena Vista and Magdalena.


If you have followed our ministry or my blog, you have heard much about Dr. Carlos.  He has been a dear friend for over the years and we've been through many things together.  Not only is he a good friend and great doctor, but he has demonstrated time and time again to have a unique intuition and understanding of whatever situation is at hand.


Dr. Carlos has a special love for his own community.  Because of that, we chose to get behind his efforts and support him.  Over the years we have not found many locals that are truly devoted to serving their own community.  When we do, we want to provide our full support!


May the Lord use la Clinica deepStream Guatemala to serve the community and ultimately for his own glory!