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now partnered with the Schmidt family in guatemala, this is a link to their family website with updates, photos, etc.  visit for more info and to support our friends working with us here!

the Steed family moved to guatemala in march of 2011.  sent from our friends at journey church, the steeds will help oversee the 12x12 Love Project home construction ministry, as well as helping with mission teams, and whatever areas of need.  you can follow the Steeds on their website.



the buena vista boys academy serves the community of buena vista, guatemala, aimed at developing boys into godly young men.  the vision is to change the boys, their future families, and eventually an entire village.  find more at

The 12x12 Love Project is a home construction ministry serving the people of guatemala.  it was the first initiative God began after moving to guatemala, and He has been blessing it ever since.  for almost 3 years, we have been building 1 or 2 homes per month for families living in the poorest of living conditions.  go to for more!

mynor and walda leiva work with us here in guatemala.  their family also has a coffee plantation and are becoming more active the US, where mynor's brother lives and works to sell the coffee.  in addition to being DELICIOUS guatemalan coffee, every bag sold aids the community of Jaconal, located next to their coffee farm.

journey church ( = our home church in jacksonville, FL.  in addition to building homes in guatemala, journey visits with groups several times a year to come and serve the local people.


Save Your Soles is a ministry based out of jacksonville, FL that collects shoes to bring to people in need in guatemala.  If you are able to contribute, or would like more information, click here.



the greene family ( = friends and partners in ministry here in guatemala. their vision is simple, to connect the resources of the states with the many needs here. their passion is to advance god's kingdom by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and giving water to the thirsty.  


co2 is a youth ministry in lake city, FL, led by our friends jon & vanessa jackson.  this group of teenagers has been to guatemala several times, and have overwhelmed us with support.  they have sponsored 2 homes and have also purchased the land for the future boys academy!

savannah christian church supports our efforts in guatemala.  they are behind the buena vista sports academy, and they bring teams to serve.  we cherish their support, friendship, and prayers.

our friends at indy metro church frequently come to serve the people of guatemala.  specifically, they serve and support the lopez art school, run by our sweet friends carlos and thelma lopez.  for more visit

francis chan (, = francis chan is one of our favorite bible teachers.  never shying from bold truth, francis maintains a bigger picture of what really matters and is a always a steady encouragement.