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Many of you know Dennilson (Nicho). He practically grew up in the Johnson’s home at BVSA in Buena Vista, Guatemala.  A tough kid with a soft heart, he quickly began following hard after Christ.  After graduating from the Rhinos he was hired as a full time coach. Growing up in God’s Word and surrounded by missionaries, Nicho always said he wanted to be a missionary some day.


Well… now he is!  He and his wife Araceli moved to the region of Quiché, Guatemala to plant a new ministry with the Johnsons.  They left despite being 5 months pregnant and not knowing anything about the area, including where the baby would be born.   


What's happening

On May 4, Araceli went into natural labor and baby Esteban was born - 6 weeks premature. He was born under tough circumstances, and after questionable public hospital care, was discharged from the hospital at 3.9 lbs with a serious infection. They said he had to be discharged because other babies with Covid had been admitted in the same room, and he had a better chance to survive at home than there.


His health continued to worsen, and things got to the point where we made the decision to drive through the night from Quiché to Guatemala City and admit him into a private hospital. He was admitted weighing exactly 3 lbs.  After running some tests we found out that in addition to his infection he is having heart trouble, kidney trouble, is malnourished and dehydrated.


After sending out an emergency prayer request, the prayers started flooding in from all over the world.  We are so thankful for the body of Christ coming together to pray for baby Esteban!


Where he is

Baby Esteban is currently in the NICU at Hospital Yarden in Guatemala City.  He is in an incubator and has a feeding tube as well as a leg PICC to receive food and medicine.  Nicho and Araceli are staying at the academy in Buena Vista, and driving in/out of the city every day.  Amazingly, Araceli is being allowed to come into the NICU twice a day to continue trying to nurse him and get some skin to skin contact.  


What's needed

There are obstacles ahead, but Esteban is fighting!  Doctor's have said that if he continues to show signs of improvement, they believe he will make it.  They have said that a minimum of 3 weeks in the NICU would be needed.  Nicho listed Brock as Esteban's grandfather at the hospital, which has allowed him to consult with the pediatrician and neonatal doctor on a daily basis.  They have been terrific in caring for him so far.


The cost for the care that he is receiving in the private hospital NICU is approximately $2,400 per day.  For 3 weeks, the total need is $50,000.


Why so much?

Unfortunately in countries like Guatemala there is basically no middle class, which means no mid level options for hardly anything. For medical care, there are the public hospitals which are free (for the poor) and then there is high quality care that is expensive. While the public hospitals in Guatemala are notoriously terrible, there is usually no other option except for the upper class who can afford insurance and/or private care.


For years we have faced challenges of praying through and navigating medical situations on a case by case basis.  In this case, we saw no other option other than getting baby Esteban to a quality private hospital with a legitimate NICU.



Would you help? 

Most importantly, please keep praying for baby Esteban.  We know that it's the Lord Jesus who controls all things!  


We are also praying for the provision of Esteban's medical needs. Would you consider one of the following options?  Of course any other amount is welcome. We're already off to a great start!


  • 1 hour in the NICU = $100
  • 1/2 day in NICU = $1,200
  • 1 day in NICU = $2,400


*goal thermometer updated 5/28 -->

How to give:

Use the PayPal button below and write "Baby Esteban" in the optional note.  If you donate directly through PayPal (as opposed to using a credit card) please choose the "Friends and Family" option.  


If you want to give by check, click here and send to the listed address.  Please email brockadamjohnson@gmail.com the amount your sending so we can adjust the meter!


Thank you for your help!!!