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buena vista sports academy - introduction

journey church - aug 2010

converge on campus - july 2010

co2 youth group - june 2010

watershed & merrill lynch - april 2010

lazaro - march 2010

garcia home - march 2010

men's trip - feb 2010

indy metro - feb 2010

marroquin family - january 2010

intro to the Ramos family - jan 2010

great message from francis chan




jackson family - it's a new year - jan, 2010



merry christmas brodie - dec 2009




blanca's story - december 2009




our friend amy mikul




c02 youth group donate a home - december 2009




12x12 Love Project - Introduction Video




12x12 jobsite reain delay - sep 26, 2009




lake city guys - august, 2009




journey church - july, 2009




edvin update - july 2009




dunlap family & friends - july 2009




UF sigma phi lambda sorority - june 2009




celebration church medical team - june 2009




journey leadership team - may/june 2009



marble city baptist chruch - may 2009




massage with a mission - april 2009

Massage with a Mission finished up a great week of physical therapy and construction projects.  Thank you for your servant hearts!





April 3, 2009 - Journey Church headed home after a one week mission trip.  Check out the 3 videos from their week here serving the poor...


journey church mission trip video #1



journey church mission trip video #2



journey church mission trip video #3 (final)



intro to deepStream guatemala - feb 14, 2009



12x12 love project - video #2 - january 26, 2009

we celebrated the completion of the ixcajok home with an emotional key ceremony.  we have become close friends with this family...  also introducing the next home for the marroquin family.




guy's teamhouse trip - january 16, 2009

10 men came to guatemala to work on the teamhouse, and god had much more in store...




child sponsorship christmas party - dec 28, 2008

through your donations, we threw a huge christmas party in the very poor village of buena vista.  it was insanely beautiful!




12x12 Love Project - Video #1 - dec 15, 2008

The first 12x12 love project video, showing the completion of the mundo family home, and introducing the gomez family.




orphan crisis in guatemala - dec 15, 2008

A video introducing the orphanage we are working with in Guatemala, sharing the stories of the boys currently in the home, and the vision of the ministry.




goodbye jake - dec 15, 2008

Jake's class made a goodbye video for him, as we are changing to a Guatemalan school starting in January.  He had a great teacher (Miss Houskamp) and made lots of good friends in only one semester!



introduction to journey church - nov 30, 2008

Just an introduction of our family to Journey Church, Jacksonville FL...



hults family trip to guatemala - nov 26, 2008

A slideshow of the Hults family visit to Guatemala...



goodbye florida, hello guatemala - august 28, 2008

Missing our friends and family in the states...adjusting to life in Guatemala.