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dr Carlos clinic

over the last several months, we have been working hard on a special project.  with the support of our friends Alex & Marie Dunlap, a new clinic that can serve the community of Magdalena and Buena Vista has been completed.


If you have followed our ministry or my blog, you have heard much about Dr. Carlos.  he's been a dear friend for many years.  we've been through so many things together...  and in the process he has earned our absolute trust.  not only is he a good friend and great doctor, but he has demonstrated time and time again to have a unique intuition and understanding of whatever situation is at hand.


we believe God has used (and continues to use) Dr. Carlos in a very special way to serve his community.  because of that, we want to get behind his efforts and support him.  over the years we have not found many locals that are truly devoted to serving there own community.  so when we do, we want to provide our full support.


last week, with a group of friends in town (made up of primarily Alex & Marie's family), we were able to complete the finishing touches of the new clinic, and officially open it for business!  it was a special and emotional time when we finally opened the doors for Dr. Carlos to see.  (we had kept him away during the week so that we could surprise him at the inauguration.)  at one point during the tour, Dr. Carlos "let go" and enjoyed a sweet cry as he hugged his wife, Neli.


see slide show below!


we're praying a special anointing over the new clinic and new home, as well as over Dr. Carlos and his team as they use this new blessing to be a blesisng to others.