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life in guatemala
life in guatemala

Life Ministry


The primary heartbeat of DeepStream remains the same whether a missionary in Guatemala, or a missionary in your place of business, neighborhood, or elsewhere. 


For all Christians, our lives are our ministry.  (



brock speaking to the boys
brock speaking to the boys

The Buena Vista Sports Academy for Boys (BVSA)


This ministry was started to provide an avenue for boys - in the impoverished village of Buena Vista, Guatemala - to break generational chains related to poverty.


God began to put this desire in our hearts in 2008, and since then He has put all of the necessary pieces together to turn the dream into a reality.  What began as a simple step of faith has grown into an amazing display of God's provision through the generous support of his people.  We have watched Him faithfully provide for everything we were dreaming for - and more - which has bolstered our confidence in Him and His plans for this village.


Pray with us as we seek to bring hope to these boys, and ultimately to this community.

Read more at!



typical cornstalk home
typical cornstalk home

Homes for the Homeless - The 12x12 Love Project

One of the areas of ministry God has clearly led us into is that of home construction for homeless families.  A new home is a huge blessing for anyone living in extreme poverty. This ministry is not only meeting a great need, but also providing a way for us to connect deeper with families.  Our prayer is to develop strong friendships with the families, and eventually be able to help them in a greater way.


As of September 2011, we have built 60 block homes - all steel reinforced with bedrooms, windows, a front porch and a locking door!


You can build a homeless family a new home for approximately $3,000.  For this small amount, can you think of anything you can go without in order to radically change the life of a family in need?  CLICK HERE for more information.



with Esbin at a doctor in Guatemala City
with Esbin at a doctor in Guatemala City

Following the Holy Spirit


As we go through life in Guatemala (and as is the case anywhere), one thing is for sure - opportunities to help people come at us every day, from every angle.


We pray and rely on the Holy Spirit to tell us what projects to take on.  These various projects can be as time consuming and meaningful to what we are doing here as anything organized that we are doing.  Examples of projects include:


-helping widows and orphans

-building playgrounds, basketball courts, etc.

-misc construction projects, kitchens, stoves, new roofs, and home rehabilitations

-hosting groups and mission teams

-hosting medical clinics and meeting medical needs as needed

-food, clothes, and shoe distributions

-working projects with local schools


Honestly this list goes on and on.  Each day brings a new opportunity...  all part of daily life ministry!